User Group Meeting 2021

Thank you for attending the 2021 Materials Design User Group Meeting (UGM)!

The subjects spanned classical simulation methods, density functional theory, and machine learning methods, and the technology of future computing materials. Thank you to keynote speakers: Richard Catlow, Georg Kresse, Michele Parrinello, and Chris Van de Walle.

Keynote sessions were followed by hands-on training sessions using the MedeA® environment. Recordings of sessions are available online, and if there are any questions or comments on any aspect of the material, please let us know.

Thank you to the speakers and the trainers for your exceptional work on the talks and training.

It is a real privilege to be a part of our community of colleagues developing and applying computational materials science. Thank you to all our customers for your support and making the 2021 UGM possible, and please let us have your suggestions, questions, and recommendations for future meetings and webinars.

Session materials this year are available on the webinars page.